cover without bleed.jpg

This cover achieved 2nd place in Penguin’s Student Design Award 2019

‘An enticing and attractive design, reminiscent of Japanese textiles. There is a sadness to the falling leaves, which is echoed in the vertical typography’ Suzanne Dean – Art Director, Vintage

‘I love the integration of type and illustration, it feels poetic and dynamic. An effortless layout with great attention to details on the front and back cover’ Noma Bar – Guest Judge

‘A beautiful package and well executed. You could send this one to print as it is’ Jason Smith – Art Director, Cornerstone

‘This design is a complete package – brilliantly executed. Each element appears brilliantly thought out and placed pleasingly across front, spine and back’ Richard Ogle – Art Director, Transworld

‘Josie’s cover is such a strong piece of work. It’s hard to see it and not feel the leaves and type are animated – and it suits the mood of the book beautifully’ Jamie Keenan – Guest Judge